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W temacie: Content Update - Tuning Parts, Challenge Series, Map Bug Fixes 3/1/22

Odpowiedzi: 11

03-01-2022, 14:08


W temacie: Free ban again !!!!

Odpowiedzi: 2

29-09-2021, 20:09

To jest właśnie moderacja, po jej stronie zawsze racja!

W temacie: [Event] NFS:SA Classic Cup - Vol. 1

Odpowiedzi: 39

13-06-2021, 00:13


W temacie: Fisp's ban

Odpowiedzi: 43

07-06-2021, 02:25

(07-06-2021, 00:35)RaiUwU Wrote: Yeah, they can't fix the game and don't want to make effort for the people that want to be competitive here, so the most obvious solution would be to deactivate top times once for all, and keep only weekly tops for the bonuses it gives. And with that people would stop caring about this topic because times wouldn't be getting recorded forever on a leaderboard with your name showcased there like it does today, maybe it does not work the same in URL, but in URL it's easier to handle this subject, because it's way more obvious to spot cases of exploiting on URL. Seriously I can't think of a more feasible solution than that, it doesn't solve problems, but also don't create others, and also pleases the staff needs of not wanting to do anything about it.

Also if you take into consideration on how stuff works on this server, you can argue that this game is clearly not for competitiveness, since all the updates that the game has is for cosmetics and stuff, you can consider this server basically a tuning server, not a racing one tbh, racing here is just for funs really and ride around with your riced car. So by deactivating tops and focusing on what the server has focused for a few years by now, which is tuning updates, would do a lot better for the server.

Aww hell no, If they delete top times again there is no reason to play anymore. I don't care if some of them are achived with exploits, especially when they are on drag races that noone cares about. We can't give up competetivness just because there are cheaters. There will always be in online games. There is already to much boring grind things already here, but deleting things are not going to do any better for the server as you said.

W temacie: Fisp's ban

Odpowiedzi: 43

05-06-2021, 21:49

These top times on drag races are fukin joke, why did you ban only this guy? There are players faster than im if you search through top of all times, and there were fast not only at drag races but doing tops on sprints and circuits too. Guess that someones are just faster on straights. Who cares about drag races anyway.


Odpowiedzi: 4

15-02-2021, 17:21

Give new palyers their first car tuned to 1/1/1 with 3 dynos created: race/drift/drag.

So they don't join their fist race with stock car and obviously lose badly.

And they can see basics of dyno tuning without figuring it all out themselves or visiting forum.

Temat: Whiteseed's blocked account.

Odpowiedzi: 4

05-02-2018, 01:31

My account got blocked for 20 days. Reason: Exploiting acceleration in URL
What the fuck just happend? I never used any exploit, please unblock my account.

Temat: URL changes.

Odpowiedzi: 38

01-01-2018, 19:05

In current URl system there are few things that I don't like. I'll propose some solutions.

 Less rooms with diffrent score limits (less rooms means more players each room); progressive reward system to make higher score rooms more popular (100% represents current RP & cash reward)
 200 - 80% reward         
 280 - 90% reward
 360 - 100% reward
 440 - 110% reward
 unlimited - 120% reward

 Remove 2 wins per tournament limit (some players are losing in purpose to play 3 or 4 times per tournament and get more reward total)

 Remove voting for race map direction because players are mostly voting for default not for reversed track version and reversed tracks are played very rare. Leave only voting for maps and apply chosing maps direction automatically.

 Add warning message for players with low score cars trying to join much higher score room (Because they are ussauly afk or begging for wait at finish line and let them finish too or they are just leaving tournament)

 Add some ranking similiar to Bounty from police chases based on total points or wins or something from URl.

 Scores, handlings...
 Current score system is far away from perfection but one noticable thing is B class with almost the same scores as C class, I think B class should have higher scores especially at the beggining, I remember stock B class was around 270 before and that was better.

 Bake balance of FWD cars is ussualy moved back and make rear wheels lock when braking which makes you lose control, even if you put brake bias +10 front in dyno it's still not enough. Default brake bias should be set more to front.

 Small nerf for Infernus because this car dominates A class, it's a little overpowered and overused.
 Very small nerf for Cheetah.

Thats all for now.

Temat: Some haldlings suggestions.

Odpowiedzi: 9

24-08-2017, 15:25

There are a lot of handling changes lately, so I decide to suggest more of them.

Futo - was the best in e class, now it's kind of worst. Was it really so OP? I think restore old handling and bring back top times is a right choice.

Uranus - It's actually good car with good setup, but when you max it out it slides way too much. Make it a little more stable, similiar like last Buffalo update.

Sentinel - was nerfed few times, maybe now it's time to buff it? Because it have so much creepy understeer.

Elegy - Similiar like Sentinel. B class car with great acceleration but cornering is just horrible, especially compared to Super GT or Sultan.

Banshee, Cheetah, Infernus, Comet(optional) - Those cars are turning like crazy, they makes Bullet feels like shit. Decent traction nerf is needed.

Temat: Like/Dislike maps option.

Odpowiedzi: 4

12-02-2017, 15:19

My proposition is to add like/dislike map option. Why? Because lot of maps have issues like inviseble walls, strange bugs, are too short or not well designed.

Simply if some map gets lot of dislikes nfssa team must consider to fix or delete it.

Also maps with many dislikes can appear less often in quickrace mode.

Lots of likes can motivate map creators to keep up the good work, also maybe they can have some kind of reward for it.

I think it could be useful to keep quality of the server.