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W temacie: Server Update - 2022/08/30 - Tollbooth

Odpowiedzi: 4

30-08-2022, 21:37

alive server

W temacie: Bikernieki Street-X Layouts

Odpowiedzi: 4

03-01-2022, 22:09

This was planned, unfortunately my progress on making SX tracks got lost due to mta error. It will hopefully come in the future.

W temacie: WTF? xd

Odpowiedzi: 3

04-12-2021, 10:36

[Image: Z35i.gif]

W temacie: Ghost car in timetrial

Odpowiedzi: 3

18-06-2021, 23:39

Unfortunately it is not possible as the time to beat in timetrial is not an actual run, but instead a calculation based on the car's score and class.

W temacie: The Route

Odpowiedzi: 7

26-01-2021, 16:14

I like it. Keep the jump, just put some invisible road inbetween in case someone doesn't make it.

Temat: Roofies: Still 4live (Stunt Montage)

Odpowiedzi: 2

28-05-2019, 01:00

Temat: Server Update - 13/04/19

Odpowiedzi: 30

13-04-2019, 18:56

Update 13/04/2019
Server will be closed at 20:00 server time until we sort it all out Smile

[Image: 9ifaNSF.png]

With the Pursuit update out for a while now, it's about time to spice things up a little.

Pursuit Milestones:
  • Pursuits now have an additional feature called milestones, those are special challenges that need to be done during Police Pursuits for additional Rewards
  • 3 random Milestones are chosen each day, and you can only do 3 per day.
  • New Daily task - Finish 1 Milestone
  • 3 new Tasks related to milestones, each one rewards player with unique Unlockables:
            - 30 milestones: Special Neon - Police
            - 60 milestones: Police themed Headlight/Taillight textures
            - 90 milestones: New B Class Unique car: Beamer

[Image: CZUvd0E.png]
Police Changes:
  • 5 new Pursuit Breakers available on Map during Pursuit (thanks to Venom)
  • Some Police Patrol locations have been changed (element of surprise)
  • Fixed issues with Cooldown Spots
  • Entirely new B class Unique Car
  • Unlocked by completing Stoneman Level 3 Task (90 Milestones)
  • Features full Custiomisation
  • Thanks to Helomyname and Arunn
[Image: 7QdRCwC.png]

Next up, we have a couple of mini Tuning Updates by MatthewChow along with new parts, these 3 cars have completely innovated UV mapping. 
This will allow you to paint mirrors and spoiler independently from the rest of the car. This was done by moving their vinyl position to underneath the car, so finding their position might be a bit tricky and take some getting used to.

Super GT:
  • 1 new Bodykit - SuperGT
  • 1 new Hood
  • 1 new Roof
  • 1 new Wing Mirrors (sidewindows option)
  • 2 new Headlights
  • 3 new Taillights
  • 3 new Spoilers
  • 6 new Exhausts
  • Windshield Banner in Louvres
[Image: xJDfItn.png][Image: MqKqCV1.png]

  • 1 new Bodykit - Buffalo Boots
  • 1 new Hood
  • 4 new Spoilers
  • 2 new Headlights
  • 1 new Taillights
  • 6 new Exhausts
  • Windshield Banner in Louvres
[Image: MvKMovM.png][Image: fjDYkPJ.png]

  • 1 new Bodykit - Mint
  • 1 new Headlights
  • 5 new Taillights
  • 5 new Exhausts
  • Windshield Banner in Louvres
[Image: SGMnYbT.png][Image: DDqoFse.png]

These cars will definitely get more Tuning options in the future, but for now, thats all.

Experience NFSSA with a different atmosphere.

6 New Weather Presets:
  • Dull Dusk
  • Violet
  • Extreme Fog
  • Smog
  • Morning #2
  • Daytime #4
[Image: avf2X2I.png]

In case you thought our old User Interface was getting old, we prepared some changes. 

Entirely new User Interface Theme System:
  • Added new UI themes system, with 26 color themes included with this update. On first server join after update you will be asked to choose color theme, and afterwards it's possible to modify them in settings. Updating theme requires you to reconnect to server, so be careful and don't try to change the themes while in races.
  • Dyno settings in performance shop now show basic info about what given dyno setting affects. (thank Orbacle)
  • Dyno now gives warning if no setup is assigned
  • RP is now visible in garage, instead of bounty. (no more "How to redeem Bounty")
[Image: QRRAScv.png]

Additional Notes:

  • Server Rules have been updated
  • Removed some random flying objects on map (bye bye fence over the ocean).
  • Some minor map changes and fixes, thanks to Rarti and Remolit.
  • Sphinxter is once again available as a map on server.
  • 4 new drift/street-x maps on docks/airport tracks.
  • Fixed some bugged shift+x locations that resulted in car being stuck in ground
  • Fixed invisible bump on some airport drift tracks, which caused players to lose their score.
  • Additional Headlight and Taillight textures have been added

And that's it for this update folks! We hope you enjoy, see you on the server soon.

Temat: Christmas Content Update - 23-24/12/18

Odpowiedzi: 15

23-12-2018, 23:34

[Image: qBBzvHv.png]
Merry Christmas Everyone!

For this festive time of the year, we bring you some gifts to enjoy. This will be additional content for two of our cars, namely Buggy and Turismo!

Content Update - Turismo & Buggy Tuning - 23-24/12/2018

We can thank Arunn for the Turismo update, which includes:
  • 2 New Bodykits - Liberty Walk, and Bloodhound
  • 2 New Hood options
  • 2 New Roof Options
  • 1 New Spoiler
  • 5 New Taillight Model Options
  • 3 New Headlight Model Options
[Image: 5s0ozu5.png] [Image: Rpb9u8u.png]

For Buggy, i have made something a bit special. These bodykits will change your car into something brand new!
  • 2 New Bodykits - Bug, and Hot Bug
  • 1 New Headlight Option
  • 2 New Taillights Options
  • 2 New Bullbar Options
[Image: Vpk6dRb.png] [Image: yJs098b.png] 

Additional Notes:
  • Colourable version of Stock Speedometer is now available in the Details shop by default
  • Minor Muscle fixes (handling)

But that's not all - For the time period of Christmas to New Year, there will be some festivities on the server.

Christmas Bonus and Unlockables!

We are glad to announce that the Christmas Event is up again! This means that there will be 1.5x RP and $$$ bonuses on the server from 24/12/18, to 01/01/19!

You are also able to unlock Christmas themed Vinyls and Accessories from racing - simply play the game, take part in normal races with 4 players, and win for a chance to win these special rewards:
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 1
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 2
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 3
  • Vinyl Set - Christmas - Part 4
  • Christmas Speedometer
  • Christmas Speedometer 2
  • Candy Spinner
  • Christmas Special Neon
  • Christmas Special Pulse Neon
Also, if you login to the server on 24/12/18, you will receive 3 days Premium for free! If you already have Premium, then it will be extended by 3 days.

[Image: pfCDJwI.png]

Good Luck, and have fun racing!

But you're not just going to race wherever, are you?

Maps Update - 23-24/12/2018

Thanks to Rarti's hard work over the past few weeks, there will be new maps coming to the server in this update! The maps included here are:

Circuit - Arch Angel Street + [R]
Circuit - Black Vincent  + [R]
Circuit - Dead Meadows + [R]
Circuit - Fly Like You + [R]
Circuit - Jefferson Run + [R]
Circuit - Loading Base + [R]
Circuit - Midway to Highway + [R]
Circuit - Red County Tunnel + [R]
Circuit - Venture + [R]
Circuit - Victory Lap + [R]
Circuit - Waterfront Plaza + [R]

Offroad Circuit - Ghost Peak + [R]

Sprint - Decadence
Sprint - Desert Rose + [R]
Sprint - Sightread + [R]
Sprint - Upper Deck + [R]

Drift - Desert Rose + [R]

Remember that you can get your map onto the server by posting it in the Maps Showroom subforum.

That's it for this update folks. I wanted to personally and also on behalf of the whole of the NFSSA Team, to thank you for your continuous support over the years. It really does mean a lot to be able to keep this project going, thank you very much to both the new and older players. We hope the year 2019 will have a lot more in stock for you guys. Thanks again!

[Image: vr24ywo.png]
 We wish all of you a Merry Christmas spent with your family and friends, and many gifts under the tree as well as a delicious and filling Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas!

Temat: Maps are being accepted onto the server again!

Odpowiedzi: 1

11-12-2018, 20:43

Hello guys, quick update on maps - we are now accepting maps for NFSSA again, thanks to Rarti who will now take care of preparing maps for the server.

The map needs to be good quality, have a good route, and not look like a mess.
This means that more maps will be declined, as I would like to make sure only good quality maps make it onto the server.

Only new posts will be considered, so even if you had an old map that you still want looked at, please repost it in the main Maps Showroom section.


Temat: Content Update - Counthash Tuning - 19/11/18

Odpowiedzi: 14

19-11-2018, 02:08

Content Update - Counthash Tuning - 19/11/2018

Happy November Continued!

This time we bring additional content for Counthash, a car that has not gotten too much love in the past. The parts included are:
  • 4 New Bodykits - SV, Liberty Walk, Works, and 5000QV
  • 4 New Roof Options
  • 5 New Hood Options
  • 6 New Headlight Model Options
  • 6 New Taillight Model Options
  • 7 New Spoilers
[Image: utBBNq7.jpg] [Image: UlmR9By.jpg]

Additional Notes:
  • Fixed a bug in Sultan where the Wagon variant of the boot would appear alongside the regular one
  • Counthash now has a steering wheel
  • Counthash now has a working Sidewindows option
Hope you enjoy customising Counthash with these additional options! This is all we have for this update; however the next ones should also bring your cars some new shoes, as well as some quality-of-life improvements. Stay tuned!