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W temacie: New Crews ranking + Crew events

Odpowiedzi: 5

13-06-2018, 15:46

Kinda don't like the CRP decreasing system, since it only punishes inactive crews and don't prevent inflation if the system runs long enough, imagine being 1st requires you to have 1M-ish CRPs after a year or two the system runs.

A suggestion i would like to give, is to decrease the CRP regularly on fixed periods (let's say 5% per week for a rough example) to every crew no matter what. It will deal with the inflation thing, thus making it hard for a crew to skyrocket to an unbeatable amount (just like bk_player's RP lol) since CRP seens farmable. It will help because CRP gaps between crew will stay relative. But that's my opinion, of course you may like it or not.

Very nice and detailed suggestion though, totally better than my and other's idea from the other thread.

W temacie: paint job

Odpowiedzi: 4

12-06-2018, 10:14

Make it as an image file format and drop it here https://www.nfssa.com/thread-23.html . It will have no chance of being added unless you do so.
Also, this paintjob seems do-able with current existing vinyls elements, excluding the minor details.

W temacie: Cops in races.

Odpowiedzi: 1

10-06-2018, 04:05

We can't even have traffic or collisions in races due to synchronization problems, let alone police chasers.

W temacie: Mini Route [Circuit] *Fixed*

Odpowiedzi: 6

10-06-2018, 04:03

There's a circuit with a same name already. Also the route is very similiar with Vagos race circuit.
Use less that orange barriers. The one near the start line can be removed so you can cut corners just like on Time to fly sprint map. 0:41 seems unecessary.
0:09, 0:36, 1:28 - Smooth the arrows
0:30 wtf with those arrows on shop displays

W temacie: Tune N20 and Turbo in Dyno.

Odpowiedzi: 1

10-06-2018, 04:02

Nitro: https://www.nfssa.com/thread-8113.html
Turbo: what can be changed from it? Acceleration:Topspeed is already tuneable on transmission and adding more tuning option for same effect is useless.

Temat: Crew Leader role bug

Odpowiedzi: 9

14-05-2018, 07:46

I don't have any idea what i was doing but, it's happen. So, recently i am messing around with crew's roles system. I made a rank named [ Leader ] with spaces in the front and the back, then i assigned everyone to that role. It was doing fine at first, not until i invited a new guy in and trying to assign him to that role. For some reason, i can't assign him to that role, then i tried this, that and none of them works, until i tried to delete the [ Leader ] role. And, shit happens

[Image: fMQb02j.png]

We don't have a crew leader. I can't change roles and so does everyone.
Basically i destroyed the crew again, any possible way to fix it?

Yes Nightmare pls come back i am too retarded to run a crew
and yes, having a yokou in your crew is a mistake

Temat: [Sprint/Drift] Desert Rose

Odpowiedzi: 5

07-05-2018, 21:29

Not so NFSSA-like map style but well, trying won't hurt lol

Name : Desert Rose
Type : Sprint/Drift
Author : Scaftz, Remolit
Location : Countryside

[Image: uyuv1uu.jpg]

Temat: Forum Race Records

Odpowiedzi: 9

14-04-2018, 21:06

Do anyone ever read these?
[Image: COqWWun.png]

I doubt so. why? Because it shows latest WEEKLY Race Records, which most of us don't really care about. With that being said, i have came up with a suggestion.
Make it to show latest Top Of All Time Records instead of the Weekly ones. I would love to get notified when someone breaks a new record on some specific maps rather than seeing new meh records being set like once in every minutes. I am sure most of us want it like that, but of course there will be some players who don't. So an alternative solution is to split this section into 2 categories, both Top Of All Time and Weekly, with 5 lines each instead of 10.
Write your opinions about this below.

Temat: Foster Valley

Odpowiedzi: 2

17-03-2018, 06:37

Name : Foster Valley
Type : Circuit
Author : Scaftz
Location : San Fierro

[Image: DohOeyo.jpg]

Temat: Loading Bay

Odpowiedzi: 5

24-02-2018, 18:55

Name : Loading Bay
Type : Circuit
Author : Scaftz
Location : Las Venturas

[Image: jA96cRb.jpg]