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W temacie: Hello everyone!

Odpowiedzi: 4

15-01-2018, 19:43

Hello there. Kuruma was my favorite car too in game, but i don't drive it much anymore lately. See you in-game.

W temacie: "Delete all magazines" button

Odpowiedzi: 6

13-01-2018, 21:25

Or multiple selection for deleting would be better, since I have some magazines which i want to keep.

W temacie: How to be fast like Tross (Kinda, atleast the 'essential')

Odpowiedzi: 16

11-01-2018, 13:59

You can also disable car textures on MTA settings>Debug menu and choose Graphics. Easy fix on a desperate situation like meet ups or laggy 12 players URL.

W temacie: Quickrace Suggestions

Odpowiedzi: 6

11-01-2018, 13:51

It's not mandatory to have a 1M guy vs 1M guy. It only prioritize which player being matched with who only if there's some or many players are available in the lobby. As long as there's at least 2 guy, the match can be found without the matter of RP.

W temacie: Quickrace Suggestions

Odpowiedzi: 6

11-01-2018, 00:36

Displaying how many players is on before entering quickrace lobby would be a really nice addition, so that you don't have to join the matching and see yourself being dissapointed with not so many players on, etc. (Also Time Trial countdown below the button too if possible)

Temat: Quickrace Suggestions

Odpowiedzi: 6

10-01-2018, 19:14

I have some suggestion for our Quickrace system since it got some flaws here and there from what i can see. Here it is:

1. New Matching System.
Our current Quickrace Matching system does pretty okay in my opinion, but only on early game scores. After you reach a certain car score (let's say 350< score), it's hard to almost impossible to find a match with that score. My suggestion is to change the current matching system to something similiar with URL matching system.
I will explain a little bit. so everyone who get into the quickrace matching will be put into a single lobby. Similiar like URL's matching system, the system will match maximum of 4 (minimum would be 2) racers on closest car score and probably some calculations of Win Ratio as well, like slower pro cars can be matched with faster newbies.
This way, Higher scored cars can get some opponents to race as well since there are more racers eligible to be matched with. The cons would be there will be some rare chances (or most likely happen if there are not many people are on quickrace lobbies) of very high gap of car score being matched with each other, eg: maxed A class matched with some 400 scored C. But it's better than not having your fast cars anything to race with, thus encouraging people who got faster car to play with their fast cars instead of bullying newbies in their Mananas with their super efficiently tuned low score car.

2. Separated Lobby for Drifts.
Another Thing that is making people not doing Quickrace is that sometimes they got drift races with a car that definitely not suitable for drift, like full handling tuned FWDs. A separated Lobby should do the trick. So there will be 2 options after you clicked on Quickrace on Race menu, it's Regular Race, and Drift Race (feel free to rename it).
Also on drift race, the matching should be different from Regular Race. Score won't be a factor for the matching system, but Drift Win Ratio or RP instead, whichever works better. Why? Drift events are not really score dependant. a Futo beating Elegies are not really something, also that none of A class cars are even capable of being decent on drifts.

3. Anonymous Matching.
There are some people who deliberately cancels from matching just to avoid certain people he don't want to race with or trying so hard to get easy races. Only show how many players connected instead of naming them all and it should be okay i think. It would also be nice to be implemented on URL matching as well in my opinion.

Temat: Waterfront Plaza

Odpowiedzi: 4

22-12-2017, 21:17

Name : Waterfront Plaza
Author : Scaftz
Type : Circuit
Location : San Fierro

[Image: rGjRcGq.jpg]

Temat: Language chat.

Odpowiedzi: 12

29-10-2017, 09:51

I would like to suggest some changes to the current Language chats.

1. Remove English channel
Everyone who chose the English game language will understand this struggle. So whenever you logged in to the game, you will get to this "English" channel, which is not English at all. It's just a channel with like 5 different languages blend in one channel, which causes chaos at some point. I don't see any reason of having Global and English language channel both together since they both have a same functionality and one will just kill the other's purpose and leave the other one useless. Sure only 5K RP above players are only be able to talk in Global channel, but they can also use Local or talk on their own language channel and ask for something they don't understand, or alternatively they can read the tutorial just in case they skipped it.
This is also inconvenience for us because there's a chance of the players being separated by the language channels. Example: Polish players who use English game language got separated with the others who chose Polish game language, and then these players can only talk to fellow Polish players who is in the English channel simply because he have no idea how to set their language channel. This often happen with Spanish, Portuguese and some other languages as well.
So whenever user chose English as their game language, on the welcome messages it will says "You are not in a Language channel, use type /clang to see options". If you send a message to the empty channel, it will simply say that message as well. This way people will less likely getting separated by multiple language channels.

2. Save/Remember channels
Please make it or give us an option to save or remember Language channels. It can be automatically put you in the last language channel you were in last session, or a command to set user's default channel (like /clang setdefault [LangID]) for the server to put you on the corresponding channel everytime you come online. 

3. Language only server notices (optional)
This is not really important but i will put it here as well. We can have some server notice to be specific to only some channel. Example i don't have any idea with "[User] have been muted by [Moderator] for 10 mins (przysięga)" and i am sure i have nothing to do with it. I am aware it would need some additional command for this to be done and it will complicate our moderators on their jobs. Therefore it's not really a priority and optional.

Give me your thoughts about it.

Temat: URL Rewards

Odpowiedzi: 15

10-10-2017, 21:24

Before i continue, lemme give the chronology of it first. So, i was doing a max 300 URL. It took quite some time, about 15 minutes-ish since we used slow cars. And then there's this guy who cannot even finish any single race from the 3 races and getting 0 points in the end of tournament. I feel sorry for him for racing with us in a full 15 minutes and gets 0$ and RP in return.
So, my suggestion is, give rewards for those who cannot made it to finish line as well. "But AFK players can get a lot for doing nothing then?" I thought about that too and i have the solution. Make the rewarding system to not based to only points, but based on both points and distance traveled or something. That way everyone can get rewarded and winning is still something worth to achieve.
This should encourage newbies to play more URL since most of them won't bother coming because they know that they won't win anything from it.

Temat: Problem with logging in

Odpowiedzi: 3

09-10-2017, 06:53

Not sure if anyone experienced this or not. So, I was trying to get logged on to my forum account by clicking the login button on the top left corner, put the username and password correctly and it says " you have successfully been logged in, now you're taken back to where you came from". then it redirects me to the portal but it seems it doesn't logs me on. It still says i am logged as a guest. Luckily the login section on left panel works so i can come here to make this Thread.
I also found out that the remember me is not working at all. Ticked and unticked and it still don't automatically log me in. Reinstalling Chrome doesn't fix it at all. Tried Internet Explorer and have no luck with it. Let me know if anyone got this problem as well.