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The Most Wanted: Powrót do Rockport
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Lista przyjaciół

W temacie: Niesłuszny Mute

Odpowiedzi: 12

10-03-2018, 20:11

Pariodia normalnie parodia

W temacie: 1kk RP

Odpowiedzi: 13

18-02-2018, 19:10

Another useless video, getting 1kk rp is seriously easy now, like 30-90 days of active playing

W temacie: Races takes a long to load and it crashes when loads

Odpowiedzi: 2

15-02-2018, 01:42

U need min 2 gb to even run this server, but even on your laptop u have probably only ~20 fps, i have similiar pc to your's dad's i can run server but in max ~5 fps + its crash after 10 mins.

W temacie: Prośba o unban'a

Odpowiedzi: 3

13-02-2018, 13:09

Prośba o UB XD zabawne

W temacie: Race slots

Odpowiedzi: 4

13-02-2018, 00:25

2,3 slots unnecessary, u can just start with not full lobby. 8 players lobby? For me unneeded because right now it's Hart to find even 4 player in same room. And Nfssa team will need to change start positions on all maps, it's a lot of not worthy work

Temat: Sell Vinyl Point option....

Odpowiedzi: 4

05-01-2018, 10:24

So we can sell bodypoints, but what with vinyl points? i have 105vp, all vinyls unlocked and 20+ saved paintjobs... i think 3vp to 1000$ exchange ratio will be good

[Image: 7NWTTg9.png]

Temat: How to Delete B class from max 300 URL

Odpowiedzi: 30

04-01-2018, 11:40

So this is simple, just increase stock v-max from ~230 to ~250 [like impreza[evo] / skyline / rx-7 / supra / 3000gt and even Camara Iroc-Z[240km/h] have]
and with that incease stock score, but u need to reduce the increase of v-max from parts for class B so theres is some work to do. 

Ah additionaly u can make buffalo more muscle and decrease v-max to increase acceleration similar to locust [but locust have not even good acceleration ;/]

Sultan don't need any nerf becouse SGT is even faster...

Temat: Old map mode

Odpowiedzi: 14

24-12-2017, 11:45

Pls give us option to turn on old map mode, becouse this new map with autocentre is annoying, + why it always start full zoomed ;/ 

[Image: EOgXiSp.png]

I cant move my map during driving, and why i should stop to do this when on OLD map i see all map propertly?

Temat: Hud bug during Magazine Cover

Odpowiedzi: 0

24-12-2017, 11:35

[Image: I2L2kG6.png]

+Full map is invisible

And after that magazine crash [it should be 3/3 now]:

[Image: 9Lrr3pH.png]

Temat: Crew system Idea

Odpowiedzi: 11

05-12-2017, 18:38

Hello everyone, there it is my last suggestion, Hurrah!!!

I. Lets start form New ranking system:
It will be point based, More points = better place, but if crew have same point, crew with better average will be higher in ranking. So now how to get points:
1. We will use actual ranking to give points for 100 crews with best avg RP
  • 1st 200 points
  • 2nd 180 p
  • 3rd 170 p
  • 4th 160 p
  • 10th 100 p
  • 11th 99 p
  • 12th 98 p 
  • 13th 97 p...
  • 100th 10 p
  • 101-200 -> 9 p
  • 201->300-> 8 p...
  • 900->INF ->1 p
2. 10 best top of all times will give u points [all drivers in crew, all tracks, all classes + additional rankings like win ratio, bounty etc.]
  • 1st 10
  • 2nd 9
  • 3rd 8...
  • 10th 1..
  • 11->INF -> 0
3. And somethink for stunters-> Stunt capture points, on map u will find some points to capture [on buldings etc], harder stunt to get there = more points, additionaly u need min 3 players from same crew stay on this point for 20s in same time to capture. Max points = 10 form the hardest  jumps, and min 1 form easy one.

II. Crew territories: So map will be cuted for territiories, owner of teritory will be crew with highest points on this teritory, u will get points in same way as in ranking system[excluding rp], but territories will have assigned track and stunt points [race based on start point/finish point, and additionaly + one drift track]. Each territory will give u 100-1000/week to crew bank.

III. Small change: All crew members will use same Dyno Test Track dimensional [for training]

IV. Money menagement/new features[only crew members with permision can menage crew money]:
  • Crew Vinyls, 1 slot will cost ~100k it will use same creator as crew use to make crew logo, any crew member car instal this vinyls [it will be in same category as crew logo in paint shop], U need pay 1k for any changes in crew vinyl, no limit in vinyl slots.
  • Crew training session: Crew members could setup training session on any track with no lap limitation and with time counter like on s-x dyno track, 1 training session cost 1k-10k, only one training session in same time, any crew member can join, training session will automatically close if all players will leave session, u can't set top times in treining session, its only for training.
  • Additional crew vechicle: Dyno car[Pony with stock hanling, can't be tunned, it will have always same color and crew logo, pony color change cost ~1k], to unlock u need pay 100k-500k, u can use this car only on training session/freerun, it will have ability to teleport near players FROM SAME CREW to simplified dyno[without test tracks], if u press enter near dyno car, u will teleport to dyno, and now u can change/assign setups [u cant buy/sell upgrades or go to test tracks] when u leave u will teleport to same place where u was before, even if dyno car move.
  • about crew cars -> i think we dont need this, buy we can give share abillity between crew members, only on freerun/treining session, share cost ~100-1k [it can be used to test someones setup/car etc.

Its probably all for now, maybe i will update this post in future.