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W temacie: Futo vs Bravura

Odpowiedzi: 2

Today, 00:27

It is so helpful for new players like me,
whose having hard time searching for Futo parts
and only able to buy the normal E class cars XD

W temacie: Best Sprints for Time Trials

Odpowiedzi: 13

Yesterday, 09:44

Are you sure that you have included all possible best ones?
I think that you missed some of them.
Even you included the not good ones.

Well, here is my personal best tracks for Time-Trial:
1. Three Cities - 10,9km
2. Are We There Yet? - 8,9km
3. Ahtuba - 8,3km
4. On The Road Again - 7,9km
5. Tigah - 7,3km
6. Bridge Me Away - 6km
7. Silverton Way - 5,7km
8. Forest Run - 5,4km
9. Beachfront - 5,3km
10. Goodbye LV - 5km
11. Patrol at Jefferson - 4,9km
12. Full Throttle - 4,9km
13. Dockside Rush - 4,7km
14. Hoover Path - 4,3km
15. Weed Scented - 3,9km

I intentionally not include the tracks that rely only on Top Speed instead of Acceleration and Handling, like Relax n' Chill, Adjustment, Freeway Run, Zero-G, and Escape from San Andreas.

W temacie: DC9; DC16

Odpowiedzi: 10

Yesterday, 09:37

(22-06-2018, 23:07)Tekk Wrote: Thanks for your reply.

Well, see, first I thought that the problem was with my OS, so I re-installed it. That didn't help. Then I tested the game with and without my AV software. First on a fresh installed, clean system. Then I found that it still happening regardless, so I installed the AV back. I don't have any kind of fancy software installed here on my laptop. It's just the AV, Firefox, Discord, VLC, Notepad++, MTA and NFS:SA booster. Plus I don't have then running on the background (except for Discord) when I play the game. The system is Windows 7 (x64) Ultimate, so I guess things should be working fine. I also don't have any kind of fucky rules or exceptions set in my firewall, so I just I have no idea on what I should try next. Speaking of the ISP, no other programs been saying that I lost my connection and they kept working as usual. Things such as Discord been working fine even when the DC9/16 happened.

I wonder if I should change something in the MTA files, like if there's a client config maybe? I'm not a technician, but I've heard of things like choke and loss before, could be I had something similar, dunno. Will wait for some more replies before doing stuff blindly.

Your welcome.

Hmm...looks like no problem from the OS, even from the software programs. Your PC sounds clean tho.
You have a great OS there, I agree, there shouldn't be any problem from there.
Good, so firewall is checked and no interference there too.

Well, customer services like that shouldn't be relied on. I have seen the official Microsoft forum, but it is meh.They just care about releasing, either fresh products or patches, not about maintaining. The other fan-made forum is much better, I got many solutions from there. This is OOT tho.

Yes, that's the best way. I think, any NFS:SA Team knows better about this. I hope they can post something here.

Wish you all the best

W temacie: DC9; DC16

Odpowiedzi: 10

22-06-2018, 21:56

I feel bad for your situation,
it must piss you off

Getting disconnected during races is the worst

I had similar problem, however it was when I was using the university's wi-fi
So I connected, and use a VPN, however, I got many disconnect problems which caused me to get timed-out when playing on NFS:SA
and at the end, I just gave up using university's wi-fi

I tried also to connect and play on other servers in MTA, even SAMP, none of them gave those problems

I didn't know for sure the reason, but most probably caused by the huge size of resource used by NFS:SA and/or 

BUT, since you mentioned that you already tested playing BIG servers too,
well, I am sorry, I can't find any better information for the solution of your problem

maybe make sure that your internet provider stability AND your OS has no problem in the data package delivery of both directions
also check any software that may interfere your PC's communication with the NFS:SA server's address

that's the best I can think so far,
I hope I can be any of use

W temacie: How many vinyls are there in the server?

Odpowiedzi: 2

19-06-2018, 18:49

unfortunately, there's no way to do that.
yes, i t can be annoying for new comers

however, thanks to KomuH, he made an amazing video about NFS:SA
and there, he showed all vinyls too

check below, and go to time 36:00 for vinyls showcase

PS: I am not sure if there were any new vinyls after the date indicated in video, hence, I can't guarantee the information to be latest.

Temat: Crew Bug - Leader can't change Rank of any member (with screenshots)

Odpowiedzi: 6

30-12-2017, 19:29

Hello all,
I don't know how recently I always stumbled into problems in the game...

Some days ago with my newly created crew, I wanted to change a rank of newly came player, namely Speek.
However, a warning appear which said that I didn't have permission for that. I was surprised, because I am the Creator of the crew and I didn't change any Leader of it.

Here are the sceenshots I took for that:

And I had asked other members too to try changing the rank, but alas they too got the same warning window.

Now this is the Summary of my crew:

This is what I see inside Management window:

And following my crew as can be seen on Ranking among other crews, which means that my crew is already correctly created:
[Image: cYLyHG]
[Image: mPWoHG]

Additionally, here is our crew's Log:
[Image: daV4rb]

I hope that it can be fixed,
now nobody in our crew even I think has a Leader's role privileges

Thank you for your attention

Temat: Got a Strange URL Ban

Odpowiedzi: 5

23-12-2017, 23:53

I hope i posted it in the right section.

So, I just get into the game to check for the time of Christmas special URL, however when I get into stadium and Enter the URL glowing area, the URL banned was appear. I was so shocked, because the last URL I joined, I finished it.

This is the last URL I joined: https://www.nfssa.com/racestats.php?week...ament=5309

Everything was right, I finished the URL and my name is written there, I am MissingFarmer46. Anyone inside there can verify for this.  

I hope that this can ne fixed.
Thanks all.

Temat: Locked Steering and Overlapped UI Windows

Odpowiedzi: 2

08-12-2017, 22:46

Hi guys,

Before everything, my apologies if any of my going to be reported bugs are already posted, this time i am too lazy to go over through all Archived and yes, I am too lazy also even using Search feature xD (don't kill me please)

The first one is "Locked Steering"
It has happened some times ago, however it got worse just recent days. One of the case is, when I was in race, just normal Circuit race, I was using a 450~ score car and I got accident, crashed into walls, so I reseted my car using shift+x, however, after it got reseted, the wheel keeps turning to the left, so I reset it again, nothing changed, the wheels still locked to turning left. I keep resetting it, like 30 times, and even sometimes the steering got locked where I couldnt even turn left or right, it just locked to straight. And yeah, because of this, my race was ruined.

Another case, on The other day, I was in URL of max 250, everything was good until the last race, my PC became laggy so I crashed into wall again, so I reseted my car with shift+x, and again, the same shit happened, the wheels are locked into turning (i forgot, to left or right this time), for this time , even I keep rsetting it like 50 times, nothing fixed, so I just gave up that race, and I couldnt even finish the race Sad

So, I tried to change the key bind into just one key which is "R", and so far, I haven't meet any of this problem.
BUT still, it doesn't mean that this problem should just be left out and away from concern.

The second is "Överlapped UI Windows"
Ok, this thing is about the pop-up in-game windows like when in Freerun, we press F7 and a window about player Statistics will appear. 

Well, the problem is, about a few times I got into this:
When I was in hurry from SafeHouse/Garage, and URL time come, once I get into Freerun, I quickly heading to the Stadium. But too bad, I missed usually, so I got out from lobby, and open Map to check players around San Andreas inside the Stadium for URL. After that, I get back into the URL loby, but shit, I forgot to close the Map and bam!, wherever I click, it only asked "Are you sure you want to set GPS here?" XD
Sooooo, I need to reconnect the game. I was stuck there.

Hence, I think there should be the conditions checking before executing the opening of in-game pop-up windows so anything like overlapped windows can be prevented which will give players less in probabilty of getting the bug.

All and all,
I am sorry for my lack of English
I hope my report can be paid with attention and my solutions to be considered
and Thank You  

PS: ah yes, about screenshots
for the locked steering, it needs to be recorded with video, just screenshots wont show anything
and about overlapping UI windows, yeah I could take screenshot, but this time I have signed off from game, Im gonna sleep.
Maybe someone else can easily test it Wink

Temat: [Off-Road] Ghost Peak

Odpowiedzi: 1

30-09-2017, 20:14

Name: Ghost Peak
Type: Circuit (Off-Road)
Location: Los Santos
Author: bamers

I present you guys, my first off-road map. During the making, I got a lot of help from deadboy. He gave me valuable feedbacks.
So here it is!

I hope that it is good enough to be accepted! Yeah yeah...

Temat: Wild Bounds

Odpowiedzi: 1

22-09-2017, 18:09

Name: Wild Bounds
Type: Circuit
Location: Countryside
Author: bamers & Burik

Main preview:

Shortcut preview: