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How to be fast like Tross (Kinda, atleast the 'essential')

Napisany przez RaiYou, 28-12-2017, 02:43

How to be fast like Tross (Kinda, atleast the 'essential')

Offline Silveris

I remember I used to get drop to low twenties and I'm using a 1060 6G+Ryzen 5 1600 and that was just strange how my PC couldn't keep up with a game that old. I was completely done after I won 3rd place in a URL in race 1 and then almost got 5th after my framerate went to the ground. I found some kind of a solution to that but I only remember it had something to do with triple buffering and now my game runs at buttery smooth 60 fps

Offline scaftz

You can also disable car textures on MTA settings>Debug menu and choose Graphics. Easy fix on a desperate situation like meet ups or laggy 12 players URL.

Offline ANOD1ZE

why this is so funny ahahaha

Online RaiYou

(13-01-2018, 22:03)ANOD1ZE Wrote: why this is so funny ahahaha

As far as I know there aren't any jokes on this thread, so you're laughing of nothing.

Even tho this thread seemed to be pointless beucase we found out what really made some people faster than others, having a decent and stable game performance still counts.

And by the way we are invastigating the weird behavior and we are trying to fix it. And people who is abusing it will be penalized.
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aka Aachan

Offline LukaRaos

Disable things, put on low and that... You'll be fine than...
(Btw i have fps 60 always, car meets, races, everywhere, gpu 1050 ti and i5 7400) and again with that pc, i keep losing races with a player 50 score lower than me, same class

But im not a noob, i never fell behind...

Offline MechaNoxia

With a good PC there is still some skill needed, but yeah, i can assure that a good PC can really make easy some races.
I'm not that good, but i do remember that during the URL Futo madness (Mid-Fall 2017), i was as fast as the best, juste because i had the necessary frames. (sounds like i'm sucking my own balls... ewww)

But even tho, you still need to have the experience, it will come a little bit, hour after hour of gameplay. That's why everyone can't get first every race just because they have the good PC.
But it's a start, everyone can be good, just need to practice, have the right car and setups ! Big Grin

(1050ti & i3 6100 (which is kinda weak))
We are running in the 90's!
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Offline OrangeNecrosis

It's pretty simple to say but needs practicing if u want to be faster.

Stop unnecessary braking - If you think you can just let go of the accelerator then do it rather than braking because you end up slowing up more.

FPS is also one of the factors and also Internet connection.

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