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What do Mods do?

Napisany przez DareDevil42, 15-12-2017, 06:44
What do Mods do?

Offline DareDevil42

I'm just curious, what is a moderator's job, what do they have to do, yes I know they are responsible for muting players that spam,  Raceban people that leave races etc. but what's behind the curtain? Is that all they have to do or do they have something more that we don't know. I just want to know how is a mod's perspective. Out of curiousity that's all.
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Offline YoWorstNightmare

Umm, we are Moderating the chats.
No, its not our job to give you free duels
No, we dont give you our Dyno setups
Yes, we mute you for breaking the rules
Yes, we raceban people

Thats basically it.
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Away HanzoITS

And couple of us are hanging out with bartek. Only "18+" and European. Cuz am half-asian and 17 years old. They never invited me to this kind of party Big Grin. Also we are discussing problems, updates, players (sm1, smtimes). Yeah ofc, being nolifers in some case.

But I'm actually the "exMod", so. I mean, just trust me.
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