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Counthash needs a remake

Napisany przez Manik999, 30-09-2017, 16:21

Counthash needs a remake

Offline deadboy

I also think that the GTA Vice City beta Infernus fits better than that Wolfenstein 3D-likely version
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[Image: Zxq.gif]

Offline scaftz

Also, by replacing. I don't think that the counthash itself should be gone from the server. It still such a nice creation and worth to keep. Maybe unique car from certain task or something?

Offline 1WorM1

it could get replaced by a buggati eb110 ? dont ya think ? i mean ultimate/unique A-Class car ... just my toughts

Offline scaftz

No real cars will ever added to the server, or if you mean the GTA's counterpart of that car then there's a possibility. Also that car you mentioned looks weird xd

Offline 1WorM1

yeah i mean gta counterpart....we all know that cunttrash is basicially diablo and countach ....yeh i know but for its time it was theee ultimaatooo speeedoo machiiinoooo + its from a year that fits in Tongue

Offline MisterJohnson

IMO, counthash needs two

An improvement on it's texture shadows (to make the air vents look smooth and significant)
Increase the distance between it's front wheels (to fix the awful handling)

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