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Player vinly bug

Napisany przez SandKing, 19-02-2017, 18:56

Player vinly bug

Offline SandKing

I guess it's bug/bag/lag/error. I've downloaded original GTA SA and installed MTA again.But this bug doesn't fixed on me.It's local, or global bug?Here some links:

Bug 1

Bug 1.2

Bug 2

Need help. It's so serious for me  Huh

Offline krzysk124i

have the same.


Offline RaiderZoom

restart the game.i had that problem too but when i diconected and conected again it was ok but no it didn't show me that bug Big Grin

Offline bartekPL

Try turn off and turn on MTA.

Offline SandKing

(19-02-2017, 20:52)bartekPL Wrote: Try turn off and turn on MTA.

I always restart MTA, but it's annoying
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Offline Quindo

It's caused by your GPU going out of memory, it can't allocate space for new texture, so it uses one of currently loaded ones.
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Offline deadboy

As Quindo already said, this problem is caused by your own PC, not by the server or the script. It will always happen when you run MTA for too long time (different time for each pc setup). If MTA reached a specific point of RAM usage, it can't locate any free space for new textures and files, so things like vinyls, sounds, textures and so on, can't get loaded.

For me the limit is at 3,6 GB of RAM on the process of MTA, then I get such errors or my game stops working / hangs, although i got 8 GB in my PC, my system need also a little bit so it's like 7,2 GB of RAM usage when I run MTA for a few hours. For other users it's already on 1 GB, they have to restart MTA pretty often. You can't solve this bug, because there will always be endless information to download / save in the RAM (especially all different vinyls on everyones car). The only things you can do is restarting MTA or adding more RAM to your PC (16 GB e.g.). You can also try to move into another city, by driving in a different garage (it saves your last garage), there are less players and less information to load.
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Offline Szymio

The vinyls are what clogs the memory. If there was a script that would delete a vinyl from memory after 15 minutes of having seeing it, it would reduce crashes.

Offline bartekPL

Script already manages textures in memory and deletes them but there will always be problem with memory leak and MTA wont be able to create more textures and shaders.

Offline Szymio

Thanks for answering. So it seems like it's a MTA problem. I just hope they will fix it in one of the future updates.

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