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Extending Off-Road

Napisany przez DareDevil42, 14-01-2018, 12:07

Extending Off-Road

Offline MatthewChow

(14-01-2018, 16:54)Ice Wrote:  Why don't you blame drift then?...
Because I can drift with literally any RWD car and still have wins. In URL, as you said, there's a balance issue, and cars like the Sultan dominate all others however good their dynos may be.
With "Buggy" I mean literally any car you can put into a 300 score URL.
I am just so sick of having these happen to me...:

It passes a point there's literally no possible competition. These specific cars go LAPS ahead of the rest. As far as I know, that's pretty hard to happen in pretty much any motorsport, specially ones whose races run from 5 to 10 minutes.
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The living proof you can drive like a madman within the speed limit.
... Although that sounds kinda lame.

Offline Snake[PL]

U'r not first with this idea Big Grin
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choose side and cl!ck

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