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  Update 01-02.07.2016
Posted by: bartekPL - 01-07-2016, 23:45 - Forum: News - Replies (8)

Update 01-02.07.2016

  • In crew menu you can now check member's last visit
  • Crew name can be now changed for $7,000 (only leader can do this)
  • Crews in crew ranking are now enumarated and by clicking them you can check members of selected crew (with online status)
  • Major handling changes for: Previon, Uranus, Fortune, Monroe, Sentinel, Turismo, Vincent
  • Minor handling changes for: Manana, Blista Compact, Euros, Emperor, ZR-130
  • Improved car scoring system - now scores should be more accurate
  • Balanced RP and cash rewards from short races and street-x
  • Infernus has now detachable stock spoiler
  • Added setting to change Crew Logo size above nametag
  • Fixed bug with non-displaying crew vinyls
  • Few minor fixes and improvements

New maps

  • [Circuit] Home Run
  • [Circuit] Home Run [R]
  • [Circuit] Pyramid Las Venturas
  • [Circuit] Pyramid Las Venturas [R]
  • [Circuit] Refurbishmen
  • [Circuit] Refurbishmen [R]
  • [Circuit] Richman Club
  • [Circuit] Richman Club [R]
  • [Circuit] San Fierro Serpentine
  • [Circuit] San Fierro Serpentine [R]
  • [Circuit] Visage Garage
  • [Circuit] Visage Garage [R]
  • [Drag] Tunnel Construct
  • [Drag] Tunnel Construct [R]
  • [Sprint] Adjustment
  • [Sprint] Adjustment [R]
  • [Sprint] Fierro Palisades
  • [Sprint] Fierro Palisades [R]
  • [Sprint] Zero-G
  • [Sprint] Zero-G [R]

  Moderators Recruitment
Posted by: bartekPL - 18-06-2016, 00:50 - Forum: News - No Replies

Today we want to inform you that we started recruitment for server moderator.

  Update 26-27.05.2016
Posted by: bartekPL - 26-05-2016, 22:45 - Forum: News - Replies (11)

Update 26-27.05.2016

Crew System

Crew System in first and basic version has been released! You can now create own crew and invite players.
Because crews is what takes a lot of time, we're releasing it in current alpha version so don't worry if you don't see crew wars or anything more advanced - it will be added in future, at least we have base script for it.

Note: Server rules have been updated and added rules for crews!

Added missing A class cars
  • Comet
  • Infernus
  • Cheetah
  • Banshee

New maps
  • [Sprint] BeachFront
  • [Sprint] BeachFront [R]
  • [Sprint] Patrol at Jefferson's
  • [Sprint] Patrol at Jefferson's [R]
  • [Circuit] Dock and Roll
  • [Circuit] Dock and Roll [R]
  • [Circuit] El Quebrados Outskirts
  • [Circuit] El Quebrados Outskirts [R]
  • [Circuit] Terminal Airport
  • [Circuit] Terminal Airport [R]
  • [Circuit] Terminal Loop
  • [Circuit] Terminal Loop [R]
  • [Drift] Airport Track 5
  • [Drift] Airport Track 5 [R]
  • [Drift] Docks Track 4
  • [Drift] Docks Track 4 [R]
  • [Street-X] Airport Track 5
  • [Street-X] Airport Track 5 [R]
  • [Street-X] Docks Track 4
  • [Street-X] Docks Track 4 [R]

Other changes
  • Added Glasshouse
  • Added info about car drivetype in Car Lot
  • Added stats for each car in garage about mileage and races
  • Added crowd sound at the begin of race
  • Disabled car damage - doors shouldn't accidently open anymore
  • Few minor fixes

  Update 16-17.04.2016 - Freerun Duels
Posted by: bartekPL - 13-04-2016, 21:35 - Forum: News - Replies (7)

Update 16-17.04.2016 - Freerun Duels!

Freerun Duels has been finally finished and released!
You can challange other player for a duel by holding Righ Mouse Button in Freerun Mode and click him.
  • Added into statistics menu information about duels
  • Added duels category in ranking menu
  • Added new general tasks for duels
  • Added new daily task - Play 4 Freerun Duels
Also added duel stats into User Panel, but this feature may not work properly within few hours after update.

"A" Class - First Cars!

We finally started work on "A" class and with this update we are adding 2 new cars!
  • Turismo - first "A" class car available at 230k RP (some players will get this car unlocked after update)
  • Counthash - "A" class unique car choosen here: http://www.nfssa.com/thread-534.html
For Counthash, map with parts has been updated in Progress and Rewards menu.
[Image: yyQMfp1.png]

About Counthash: original Counthash mod has been made by JohnnyK (Aztecas_5). We got permission to edit and use his mod so if you like this car please thank him! (his profile: http://gtaforums.com/user/836002-johnnyk/)

  • Added many new vinyls possible to unlock
  • New vinyls categoy - Modern
  • New maps:
    • [Sprint] Missionary Canyon
    • [Sprint] Missionary Canyon [R]
    • [Drift] Missionary Canyon
    • [Drift] Missionary Canyon [R]
  • Minor fixes

  Update 02-03.04.2016
Posted by: bartekPL - 03-04-2016, 00:39 - Forum: News - Replies (7)

Update 02-03.04.2016

Less Grinding

We were all time observing statistics and progression and after 4 weeks we realized, that current progression system is too grindy. RP requirements for next cars are too high and for casual players it would take a long months to unlock favorite car.
In this case we decided to reduce RP requirements for every car a lot. Now it won't take so long to unlock new cars and will be more casual-players friendly.
So after update most players will have unlocked new cars in Car Lot. I don't put here full list of new RP requirements but for example now C class starts at 60k RP (previously 110k).
But you'll still have to level up each car separately in old way because we decreased only a bit requirements for car levels (by 1k RP in total to max level)

Beginner bonus

Also we noticed that every new player has problems with starting and lacks of cash, so we decided to introduce Beginner Bonus.
It means that until you reach 20k RP you have:
  • +100% RP from races
  • +200% cash from races
Higher cash bonus will cause that beginners won't be forced to spend too many TaskPoints for cash, which is not best option, and will be easier to buy new cars earlier.
You can simply recognize that you have Beginner Bonus by icon next to your driver name.

[Image: BmtCJfM.png]

Because of higher cash bonus at the beginning, all current players got some cash refund so don't be surprised if you notice more money in game Smile

Web User Panel

With this update we also introduce  totally new thing - Web User Panel!
It can be accessible with button on the top of website or by link: http://www.nfssa.com/userpanel.php
At start, you'll have to connect your forum account with server account. After that you will have full access to userpanel where you can check your and other players stats.

Absolutely new and good thing is car photo preview in userpanel.
After connecting your accounts, you can in game go to garage and update photo of your car. Photo will be uploaded to website and you'll can check it in Garage tab in userpanel.

[Image: gULsRLr.png]

[Image: c0eC9Wg.png]

With any questions/bugs/problems with userpanel, please go to this general thread.